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Who should be in power?

We have already said in this website that a nation's health, prosperity and ultimate destiny are the result of the accumulative wisdom of all the individuals of that nation. Therefore from this it is very clear that a country's greatest asset, or greatest liability, is the quality of the individuals that make up that nation. Furthermore, we would go as far as to say, that the whole purpose of having a nation is to produce people of the highest quality and wisdom that it can.

That there is an ultimate purpose to government, is directly linked to there being an ultimate purpose to life, and this being so, it seems far more than reasonable to make arrangements such that those people who assume positions of authority over the lives of millions of people, should as a prime qualification for their office, know exactly what that purpose is. Otherwise the term 'blind leading the blind' comes readily to mind.

Whether the ultimate purpose of life is to get to heaven; to attain enlightenment; to evolve; or just to be enjoyed as much as possible; the bottom line is that whichever of these it is, they are all served best by cultivating good qualities in people as the primary objective over and above any other interest. Isn't it true to say, that the single most important element affecting the quality of our lives, is the quality of the people that surround us on a daily basis? This is very easily illustrated, by looking at a typical London housing estate. When these estates are first built, they are generally speaking of a pretty good quality. What happens to them after that depends directly on the quality of the people who move in. If people move in who are dirty, antisocial, disrespectful of other people and property, then the estate soon deteriorates and even becomes dangerous. If however, the people who move in are the sort of people who like to keep their doorsteps swept and polished, hang out baskets of flowers and are nice to each other, then the quality of life on that estate is going to be much better. All aspects of our lives are affected by the people around us, so even from the point of view of improving the quality of life, cultivating good qualities in people is still the primary objective.

This is nowhere more important than in regard to the people who run the country and are in charge of our affairs. If the people who run a country are only interested in lining their own pockets at the expense of the health, happiness and well-being of the population then their (lack of) quality is going to directly affect the quality of life of the people of that country. If the people who run the country understand that the population of that country have to be free to do certain things in order for them to be healthy, happy and prosperous, and endeavour to encourage and help them to do those things, then the quality of those people is going to directly affect the quality of life and progress of the population of that country.

So the people who should be in power are those that really know what life is all about and who understand what truly constitutes the best interest of the population of that country, and care enough to see that that best interest is served over and above any other consideration. They should be educated, tested and qualified in these things so that only truly genuine candidates with real authority are able to assume the highest offices of government.

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