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What can be done to the House of Lords

What we have been saying in this website is that it is the actions (wisdom) of each individual that determines the quality of life, health, happiness and prosperity of the nation. We have also said that the primary concern of a nation is the quality of the people it produces ( and we don't mean whether or not they speak the queen's English and drink their tea with their little fingers stuck in the air).

Furthermore, we have stated that the people in authority should be educated, tested and qualified to occupy that position.

Therefore we have two objectives: that the individuals of the nation know the best way to think and act (are wise); and that the people who are in power know the best way for the individuals that make up the nation to think and act, so that the government can protect and promote their best interests.

We can kill both of these two birds with the same simple stone; that is a national program of education or rather, edification.  If there was a course of study open to all, that educated people about the real facts of life, then that would be a means of improving the quality of the people of the nation and their wisdom. This would have an uplifting effect on all society, and the future of the nation.

The end of this program, which could consist of many levels, would then involve tests and qualification. Anyone attaining the highest qualification would then be eligible to hold office in the House of Lords, and nobody else! Not people who inherited their titles from their fathers, not people appointed by any particular political party, not people elected by the general public.

In this way, the second chamber of Government would be filled by people qualified to know and understand the best interests of the general public, and thereby protect them from any adverse legislation coming from the democratically elected House of Commons.

This could result in any number of people being qualified to sit in the House of Lords, and we anticipate that the most practical way to accommodate them would be to call them on rotational basis similar to the general public being called for jury service.

Of course, once the system was in operation, it would be to the advantage of any aspiring politician to have the qualification for the House of Lords, as an asset to being elected into the House of Commons. In this way we would gradually see both chambers of government being filled by people who were actually qualified for the job.

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